Esports Betting at Betway

Plenty of words can be said on behalf of Betway esports. The number of games available in the esports section might prove to be overwhelming to some. The bookie provides all the necessary tips to facilitate the players. You won’t miss a major tournament to make your wager. The live esports betting option is like a cherry on top of the cake here. 

eSports betting

How to bet on eSports?

Betting on esports with Betway is very exciting and quite easy for website and mobile app users. Follow this instruction to start placing bets on eSports:

  1. Log In: You’ll need to log in to your account or go to the betway registration.
  2. Select Sports: After clicking the sports button, you will see the list of sports. It will contain the eSports option – select it. 
  3. Choose Game: Now you will be directed to choose the online game you want to bet on. 
  4. Set Odds: There is a huge market with great odds in Betway. Choose one from that. 
  5. Place the Bet: Now you can add your wager to the Betslip. 

eSports Games at Betway

Betway eSports games

A whole range of fantastic games is waiting for you in the Betway esports section. We have made a list of esports games that are known for giving out the most immersive experience to the players. This means that the punters will go through the same experience while putting their money on it. To have the same experience you can select from any one of these amazing games. 

esports odds at Betway


As the game is entirely based on skill, the bet predictions are easier to make, which means that you can win more money through betting from Betway. This first-person shooter has been continuing its reign among all the recent games on the online platform.

Here are some of the tips for betting on CS: GO: 

  • Remember that the bets shouldn’t be made on the individual players in Counter-Strike. You should rather bet on the team that synchronizes the best among each other. 
  • The end performances of each player or team are dependent upon the map. So do your homework on that. 
  • Mega tournaments of CS: GO, including ECS, FACEIT, PGL, Dreamhack, ELEAGUE, and all the others, are covered in Betway. 


League of Legends (LOL)

The League of Legends is an online game that is played in multiplayer style. So Betway offers high odds for LOL bets based on the unique gameplay of the game.  

Other than the gameplay, it is also important that you learn about the terms of the betting markets in the League of Legends game. 

  • First Blood: You’ll wager your money based on your prediction of which team will have the first kill. 
  • Duration: The money can be wagered on predicting how long a match in the game will take to end. Usually, a game is resolved within fifteen minutes to an hour. 
  • Baron Hunt: There are these characters called Barons. The bet is made on which team will likely take down a Baron first. 

League of Legends (LOL)

Dota 2

The betting odds in Dota 2 are spectacular thanks to its huge nature. Dota 2 is also a multiplayer team-based online platform game. It is one of the most celebrated online multiplayer games to bet on. 

Some of the most popular betting markets in Dota 2 are:

  • Match Winner: This is a trendy type among the newer type of punters. All you have to do is predict the end winner of a match. 
  • Tournament Winner: The prediction is made on which team is most likely to win the whole tournament. It is better to do a thorough study of all the groups before making that decision. 
  • Pre-Match: Not all the bets need to be placed while the game is in motion. You can set your wager before the match even starts. 

Dota 2

Call of Duty

Even after all the updates, the CoD Betting market in Betway is lively and active to this day. Call of duty is a first-person shooter game that is playable both online and offline. But all the wagers that people make are on the online tournaments. 

  • Call of Duty Championship: This is an annual tournament that determines the world champions of each year. A total of 32 teams compete here, and you can bet your money on any one of them. 
  • Call of Duty World League: The world league is another major championship that has been available for wagering. The tournament started its journey in 2016. 

Call of Duty


Who doesn’t like betting on the top odds in a vibrant-looking game? Overwatch is an online-based first-person shooter filled with a diverse cast of playable characters. The matches are held among two teams with six gamers on each side. There are three types of roles among the characters: Tank, Damage, Support.

Each of them has different parts to play in a match. You should learn about the following strategies to win your wagers in Betway. 

  • Search and Destroy: This is the quickest response to be made with a wager. Track down the recent matches and base your predictions on those. The matches end quickly, which gets you the prizes at that speed as well. 
  • Observe and Execute: It takes a little time to formulate your wins with this one. You have to approach it in a passive way. Then slowly build up to win bigger prizes. 


Starcraft 2

The betting market is overtaken with all the Blizzard games. This is another Blizzard game that has three sides that you can play for. The teams that you will be betting on shall be a part of these races: Terran, Zerg, Protos 

Other than the races, the game also offers four types of game modes. 

  • Campaign: The players get to go through the continuity of the previous storyline.
  • Versus Mode: You will be putting your money on the versus mode. Each of the teams may consist of two, three, or four players on each side. 
  • Co-Op Missions: These types of matches are held among friends for more of a social experience. 
  • Custom and Arcade: The players themselves make the games to collect ideas from a larger audience. 

Starcraft 2

Starcraft Brood War

If you like betting in classic multiplayer games, then Brood War will be your choice in Betway. This is an extended version of the Starcraft franchise. It is a science fiction military game that was released in 1998. The story of the game continues from where the original starcraft ended. But the game came back in 2017 with a remastered version. Blizzard also made the game free to play. 

There are two modes of the game: 

  • Single Player: You play the story mode with a very high-end artificial intelligence. 
  • Multi-Player: The multiplayer option lets the players take the game online. All the wagers are made in this mode. 

Starcraft Brood War


Along with the classics, Betway offers a market for all the newer games for betting as well.  This is one of the most tactical shooters among all the others. Each of the teams that play against each other has five players on each side. Outside the weapons, the characters that the players choose play a vital role in the outcome of the match. So try betting with that in mind. 

  • The culmination of the Rounds Played
  • The first kill 
  • Highest Attendance
  • Match Winner 
  • Round Winner
  • Tournament Champions
  • Largest Killing Spree


King of Glory

If you are looking for the latest bet types on an online mobile game, Betway has that. King of Glory is a mobile platform game. This game is also known as the Honour of the Kings. It has gained popularity with a large number of game modes in it. 

  • Valley of Kings: The match plays out with five players on each side. 
  • Ranked Matchmaking: The season of these competitions lasts from three to four months. It is also a 5v5 player-style online match. 
  • Battle of Changping: There are a total of six players, with three on each side. 
  • Mohist Mechatech: There are just two players that play against each other. So you have to make your bets on those two. 

King of Glory


Along with a huge number of tournaments, you will also get some of the best odds for eSports betting on Betway. Here you can bet on three types of odds. 


This is vastly used by the Irish and the English bookies. You’ll notice a slash or hyphen in between the odds. If there is a four to one winning chance, then it will write it as 4/1 or 4-1.  


These types of odds are mostly used among the bookies of Europe and Australian regions. They are the simplest among the three types of odds. As the name suggests, decimals are used to define it. Your winning is determined by the multiplication of the stake and the odd decimal number. 


These are also known as Moneyline. And as the name suggests, they are most popular in the USA. Both the teams are defined using symbols of positive and negative. The favorites get the minus sign, and the underdogs are marked with the plus. 

esports odds at Betway

eSports Betting App

Betway is very active in covering eSports for mobile users. The best part is that the Betway mobile application almost feels like an emulator compared to the web version. So, all the services and games you find on the site are also available in the app.

Make your bet from the app through these guidelines: 

  1. Open the Betway sports app
  2. Log in to your account or create a new one. 
  3. Select eSports from your sports section. 
  4. Select a game and the bet type. 
  5. Select the payment method you want to use. 
  6. Get the bet slip.

eSports for Mobile

eSports Live Betting

The Betway eSports live betting feature here includes many options.

  • Free Live Streaming. The punters get to enjoy free streaming while they work bet on the online games.
  • In-game bets. Along with the pre-game bets, you can also get great in-game chances as well.
  • Time Limits. There are specific time limits set that are there so that you can prepare better and have a thrilling experience with the game.
  • Visualization. All the details about the state of the game on the screen.


eSports Live Betting Option

Betway eSports Tips 

Here are some of the most important tips by the eSports section for their current and future clients.

Knowing the TeamsYou must know about each member of the playing teams and how they operate with each other.
Learn about the MapsThe outcome of the match will differ vastly based on the maps of the games.
Stream MoreThe more you stream the matches, the more you will know about the games and their teams. This will help you have a great outcome in the bets. 

Betway eSports Rules & Tips