Privacy Policy

In this document, we describe how Betway uses your personal data and any other information which identifies you so that everyone can build up a trusting relationship.

Any information Betway receives from you via your browser or mobile application will be handled as set out in this policy. So please keep in mind that when you fill out the information fields in the betway ecosystem you agree to be bound by both rules. If you understand after reading the following that you do not wish to become a partner of betway, do not provide us with any personal information.

Privacy Policy

How Betway handle your personal data?

Betway may record the following information to enhance our customer service

  1. Your Personal Data when you submit any registration forms or other information you submit online or via email.
  2. Your communication history through the site, phone, email, or other means.
  3. The bank data of the transactions: event number, source, and calendar data. Your bank cards are completely safe because we do not collect the data needed to make the payment.
  4. Geolocation, speed, and type of connection when accessing the site. Also, we are storing the login data you usually use.

How can we use this information to improve our services?

  1. Faster payment processing and acceptance of bets thanks to our local partners.
  2. To keep your account secure and flexible;
  3. Compliance with any local laws in any country we operate in; 4;
  4. Creating new improvements for the future;
  5. The most relevant promotional offers, which will be completely free from scams, phishing links, and other ways to lead you to loss.

In any case, you can limit the frequency of advertising messages in your account settings.

Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies

Police and other power structures which are engaged in the investigation of crimes related to fraud or money laundering can apply to us for obtaining additional data. If the legality of the transaction is confirmed and the request complies with the law, betway may provide the information collected to help solve the crime and prevent future crimes.

Protection Against Hacking and Leaks

Betway will take all necessary measures to ensure the security of all data entered and stored. The government regulates data managers strictly by the law and all data that is no longer required will be deleted immediately.

Please keep in mind that no one can guarantee that your data will be 100% secure. There are too many factors and levels of protection that may not work perfectly. But we do our best to minimize losses and give every customer a good night’s sleep.

How the provisions of this document change

When you read this page you will get the most up-to-date betway service terms and conditions. If there are any changes to these terms and conditions, they will be displayed here. Moreover, changes will take effect only after they have been published and become publicly available.

Crime Prevention

Money laundering and terrorism are the main targets against which Bethway fights. However, any other illegal activities and crimes shall also be prevented according to the legal regulations. Compliance with these principles obliges Bethway to cooperate with law enforcement agencies. If we notice any suspicious activity, we are obliged to file a report with the police. The offender’s gaming account can be frozen without a court order.

What to do not to arouse suspicion:

The fight against illicit money inside the country is waged in almost all countries and these tips will be relevant wherever you are.

Bethway’s own security protocols track suspicious activity and generate reports. Close cooperation with national law enforcement agencies and international organizations is the basis of security.

Here is a list of commitments you must make as a conscientious gambler

If Betway is suspicious of your funds, the Company may unilaterally terminate service to your account at any time. Moreover, according to the norms of international organizations, the company is not obliged to notify you about the suspicion. These provisions apply only to suspicious transactions and are aimed at committing actions that will not affect most users.